Strategy, Process, and Technology with a Purpose


Why We Are Different

The founding partners of Mission Matters Group recognized that most non-profit organizations are drowning in an ever increasing pool of data being collected from program services, donor activities, events, volunteers, and case management. At the same time, organizations are struggling to meet more stringent reporting requirements, not learning from the data being collected, and ultimately unable to evaluate their own performance.

Based on years of combined experience in information systems, cloud computing, non-profit management and process improvement, we understand technology. More importantly, we understand that technology is only a tool that should be working for the organization.

Mission Matters Group's sole purpose is to help organizations align technology to Mission.

Yes, we are technology consultants – but technology is the last thing we talk about.   We always begin with information strategy and process and then - and only then - can we collectively determine the appropriate technology to best support our client's mission.   We believe that technology should be in service to the organization … not the other way around.   We also believe that, with the right organizational leadership, implementing a sound information strategy can have a transformational impact on organizations in the pursuit of service excellence and mission.